SANSAD Public Forum

July 17, 2011
3.00 pm-5.00 pm
Café Kathmandu
2779 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC

Moderator: Mr. Zahid Makhdoom
Panelists: Ms. Itrath Syed
Mr. Harinder Mahil
Dr. Graham Fuller

“Islamophobia,” the construction of all Muslims as the “Other” of Western and all non-Islamic civilizations and subjecting them to various discriminatory practices, has been growing since the end of the Cold War and risen steeply since the bombing of the World Trade Centre in September 2001. Rooted in the historical discourse of the West in the way it defined itself against “others” that were demonized and excluded from civilization, it has gained enormous force from the interests of Zionism and the state of Israel and from the world-wide “War on Terror” that was unleashed by the Bush Administration in the US following the events of 9/11. Today Muslims are subjected to racial profiling and required to prove their innocence and citizenship by apologizing for all violence conducted in the name of Islam.

SANSAD invites you to join the conversation on this urgent topic following its Annual General Meeting. As seating is limited, please inform Chin at if you are able to attend.