Did Gujarat Growth Rate Accelerate Under Modi?

From EPW, Economic and Political Weekly, April 12, 2014

Maitreesh Ghatak, Sanchari Roy

Gujarat’s lead over the national average in terms of economic growth has remained fairly constant over the last two decades. In this regard Gujarat’s performance was also very similar to that of Maharashtra, another rich state of India . . . Thus Gujarat did not show any signs of accelerating any faster in the 2000s than before, and nor was tithe only one at the top of the league. For GDP growth and NSDP [net state domestic product] growth, Gujarat has to share this honor with Maharashtra, Hariyana, and Tamil Nadu. The state that achieved the most impressive turnaround for all measures of state income was Bihar.

Our conclusion is that Gujarat growth rate was similar to or above the national average in the 1980s . . . there is definitely evidence of growth acceleration in Gujarat in the 1990s, but there is no evidence of any differential   acceleration in the 2000s, when Modi was in power, relative to the 199s, both with respect to the country as whole, as well as other major states.

For the full article see: http://www.epw.in/system/files/pdf/2014_49/15/Did_Gujarats_Growth_Rate_Accelerate_under_Modi.pdf

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