SANSAD Public Forum

Minorities in South Asia

Sunday, May  29, 2016

2.00 PM – 4.00 PM

Ambedkar Room: 418

Surrey Centre Library, 10350 University Drive, Surrey

The condition of minorities in South Asia is severely stressed. India adopted a secular constitution guaranteeing equal rights to all citizens, as did Bangladesh. In Pakistan, despite Jinnah’s direction to the Constituent Assembly (August 11, 1947) the constitutions that were ultimately created enshrined certain inequalities in an Islamic state. But minorities have been facing discrimination and violence in all three countries, and this has been growing in recent years with the rise of religious extremism. Peace and security in South Asia can be achieved only through the pursuit of justice, which entails upholding the rights of minorities in pluralist societies.

We invite you to join the discussion.


Dr. Haider Nizamani (Pakistan)

Anis Rahman (Bangladesh)

Gurpreet Singh (India)

Dr. Nizamani is a professor of political science. Anis Rahman is a PhD candidate at SFU. Gurpreet Singh is a journalist and author.

Contact: Chin Banerjee, 604-421-6752


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