International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day Statement

Migrante BC, Canada


Together with our sisters in the Philippines, here in Canada and the rest of the world, we commemorate and give tribute to the countless women throughout the years who fought for the rights and interests of marginalized and working women and who stood their ground against capitalist and labour exploitation, domestic abuse, sex and labour trafficking, inequality, patriarchy, occupation and war. These struggles were waged, and continue to be waged, in the factories, farm lands, schools, urban poor communities, cities, indigenous lands, inside prison cells, and deep in the mountains.

In spite of this, many challenges and problems continue to oppress and burden women.  Neo-liberal policies reflected in privatization of essential services and resources, deregulation of labour and economies, militarization, and exploitation of the world’s resources are most especially felt and borne by women and children, most especially in the global south. Neo-liberal policies prioritize profits and interests of the elite and foreign investors over the people’s interests, most especially over that of the women and children.

As Filipino migrant women workers, caregivers and temporary foreign workers, we have joined the hundreds of thousands of women who made their way abroad for work to take care of  the families left behind in the Philippines. As workers in Canada, we face discrimination in our workplaces, violations of employment labour standards and ever increasing difficulty in immigration. This year will most probably see more deportations of temporary foreign workers who entered Canada in 2011 and have reached their fourth year under the “four years in, four years out” revolving door policy of immigration.

As Filipino migrant women, we organize ourselves, educate ourselves and involve ourselves in political action. Our ties to where we come from are strong. Our organizing efforts are related, supportive, and relevant to the surging movement for national and democratic change back home. We add our voices to that of our kababayan and Pinay sisters who demand truth and justice, an end to lies, joblessness, falling wages, impunity, violence and militarization and a call for genuine change starting with the resignation or ouster of the current president Aquino.

We link arms with our Pinay sisters as well as our sisters in Canada and  from all over the world knowing that our role as women is in the midst of struggle.

Long live the working women!Long live international solidarity!

Long live international solidarity!

Happy International Women’s Day!

 Migrante BC Canada

March 6, 2015

“To be hopeful in bad times is not just foolishly romantic. It is based on the fact that human history is a history not only of cruelty, but of compassion, sacrifice, courage, kindness…”  

Howard Zinn


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